Calling all Leaders!

Okay, I’ve had a dry spell for a few months however, it hasn’t lessoned my passion for wanting to find and bring you all the best content on leadership and team culture development available. So, if you are a coach or team leader (captain, etc…), who has something to share with this community, OR you can recommend to me someone who you think would be a great interview, please contact me at and lets get our experiences and lessons out there for all to benefit from.

I will be sending out email invites tomorrow as I always do each month trying to get the best in the business to discuss this very important topic, so if you have something to add please contact me.  Please check out our previous posts/interviews with some of the best in the business; Author Jon Gordon, Coaches, Hank Janczyk, Kevin Corrigan, Joe Alberici, Nick Myers, Mike Murphy, Jon Torpey, Bear Davis, and many more.

Happy New Year!

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