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I’ve always been told that “you (i.e. me) should write a book about your coaching stories”.  This comment usually comes to me every time another ridiculously unbelievable event happens around players, parents, or administrators and I have to deal with it and keep the team moving forward.  Most adults who I associate with are not coaches so these events sound unbelievable and ridiculous because most of us who are given the chance to stand outside of these events and offer judgement tend to like to think of ourselves as logically reasoning human beings.  However, the truth of the matter is we do not make decisions based on logic, we make them for a number of reasons but mostly because of how we feel.

What I’d like to do with your help, is create a diary of these stories and publish them here on my blog.  Your name and the names of those involved will remain anonymous, but I believe it will be helpful for others to share those stories and post them for others to read and comment on if they’d like.  The stories should not all be successes you all have had, instead they should be both successes and failures with a reflection in both cases on what you believe created the success or could have been done differently to avert the failure.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but collectively I believe we as a community have much to share that will help each other get up the learning curve much quicker.

I will follow this post with my first diary post and from there you all can send me your posts and I will post them anonymously and we’ll see what kind of value we can bring to each other.

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